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There are a wide range of experts speaking at the Raising the Standard Conference. 
For further information click on the link for each speaker to get a full biography.

Thomas Idergard is Programme Director for Welfare & Reform at the Swedish think tank Timbro, and Senior Advisor at Magnora. (Magnora is majority owner of “Kunskapsskolan” - which is one of the largest independent school companies in Sweden with 32 schools and 10 000 students).
Jamie Martin, is a Policy Analyst to Michael Gove MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. 
Neil McVey was the first parent to win a court case against South Lanarkshire Council to have the right to send his child to the Primary School of his choice.
John McLaren, Honorary Research Fellow, Dept of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow (Biography available here)
Fred Forrester, former teacher, lecturer and Deputy General Secretary of EIS (Biography available here)
Professor Lindsay Paterson, Professor of Educational Policy, School of Education, University of Edinburgh (Biography available here)
Gavin Hastings, former Scotland and British Lions Rugby Union Captain
Douglas Keil, Business Manager, Scottish Police Federation (Biography available here)
Murdo Fraser MSP (Biography available here)
Elizabeth Smith MSP (Biography available here)
Annabel Goldie MSP (Biography available here)